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Always, Usually, Next Time (Oneshot) - Bert and Gerard

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April 29th, 2011

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10:13 pm - Always, Usually, Next Time (Oneshot)
Title: Always, Usually, Next Time
Author: ink_demon 
Pairing: Drac!Bert/PP!Gerard
Rating: PG-13
POV: Third
Warning: Language, sex of dubious consent, violence
Summary: 'In the beginning, he had honestly expected to be killed. But something about the two of them... Perhaps it was their primal all-or-nothing bouts in the barren sands, the way they had torn at one another once they had disabled each other's blasters, used teeth and blunt nails on bare skin... Perhaps the heat of their hatred for one another had been what inevitably brought the Drac's mouth crashing down onto his, drawing more blood, and greedily sucking it in. Things had only gotten more dangerous from there.'
Disclaimer: This is a fictional story about something that would probably happen. I do not own the characters or the associations within.
A/N: My attempt at a flash fiction story, just cause I was in the mood. It's short and sweet. Hope you guys like it. Also, dumb title is dumb?
Status: Oneshot

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