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Bert and Gerard

The Bert loves Gerard Slash Community
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Welcome To bert_and_gerard
We are a fanfiction community dedicated to everyone's favorite pairing, Bert and Gerard. After a brief flirtation with members-only status, we've decided that an open comm is better! Please feel free to submit your stories as well as read and review other member's works.

WARNING: Content on this community may contain sex, drugs, violence, and other material that may be objectionable. These stories are not intended for children. Please see individual story ratings regarding content.More Information here.

Each and every story posted into this community is fictional, therefore, none of them are true in any way, shape or form, and are written purely for entertainment purposes only.

The Rules

1. Keep all fics about Bert/Gerard. (cos that just makes sense for a community like this. right?)
2. Every story submitted into the community must have an introduction. Click here if you need the form to do that
3. Make sure you put your story (after the introduction) behind an LJ cut or a link to your writing journal.
4. If you’re posting a chapter story, you will need to post all links to previous chapters. This is so that new members or late starters can catch-up with your story quickly and without having to hunt through the mass of stories in the community to find all the other parts. You can put this with the intro or behind the cut (however if your chapter titles are long please put it behind)
5. Off-topic posts are not accepted. Promotional posts for slash Role Playing communities are allowed as long as they are placed completely under a cut and are kept to a minimum. Pointless updates introducing yourself as a new member or explaining your updating methods are not acceptable. Pictures and other randomness have their own places, and you can find their links here in the info. Posts looking for some certain fic are also not allowed, There are communities for that listed below. Posts that violate these rules will be deleted.
6. Betas are a wonderful thing. Please please run your stuff by a beta. It makes your stuff better and it makes the stuff you read better. We've got a list of betas who are all super cool and would love to help you out.
7. Constructive criticism is welcome and helpful to the writers. Please take your gossip, slander, bitchery and shit-talk elsewhere. It's the internet, it shouldn't be hard to find somewhere else to do it.

Looking For A Fic?

The B&G Story Archive

mcrficfinder - Want to find a fic that you really like, but can't?

If you can't find the fic that you're looking for, there is a site where you can search for an entry by keyword located here.

Other Communities

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mychemicalmedia - For media files and such
mychemicalslash - The First MCR Slash communitiy
theusedslash - Used Slash!
chemical_spork - The first community to officially make fun of you.
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Need A Beta?

The B&G Beta List!

If you would like to be listed here as a beta or need to update your info please go here.

Your Mods

Mandie // noheadlines //
Heather // silhouettes1 //


Other stuff

The Q & A post
This is the FAQ post. For the questions we get a lot of.

Questions, Suggestions, Comments, Complaints Etc.
Do you have a comment or suggestion? Or do you need some help with a technical difficulty or even a complaint. Here's the place to do it.

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